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TUKO MACHO (Episode 4)

In (Episode 04) Past - Biko and Stevo discuss what to do with the ballot paper. Present - the Tuko Macho crew set their sights on their third victim, but Inspector Salat is getting closer to them. This week's episode also features scenes from Kanjo Kingdom - a stunning four-part documentary by Africa Uncensored on the extortion of hawkers in Nairobi.Watch it now Tuko Macho is a web-series created and produced by the Nest Collective In partnership with Forum Syd. A dramatization of Kenya's issues with crime and vigilante justice, Tuko Macho centers on a vigilante gang who kidnap criminals in Nairobi, and asks viewers to vote on their execution or release. If you had the chance to condemn a criminal to death, would you do it?

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