A story about a resistance trying to track down a powerful but uncontrolable force to capture it's power and ascend to greatness. They have overthrown the leader, Fao, and now seek greater things. A teleporter, Solo, seeks out new recruits for the resistance. One day he convices a recruit (a journalist) to take out a high ranking resistance general who's methods have been too brutal and taken innocent lives along the way, including the family of the recruit. Solo now faces trial and his actions are revealed through the telepathic abilities of Hellen. The resistance finally decides to use him to capture Seku, a man with ties to the overthrown leader who knows how to capture the beast they are looking for that they now call, The Bird. In an effort to capture him, the resistance members are overwhelmed. Solo and Seku confront each other and eventually teleport to Hellen's hideout. Hellen, a spy in the resistance for the former leader in hiding, reveals herself to Solo and convinces him to take Seku to stop the rest of the resistance from attracting the bird. When they get to the resistance leader, Hessy, they try to convince to stop his search before dooming others. He refuses and a fight breaks out. Solo and Seku are the last standing but they are too late. The bird is here. All they can do is run. Written by: Arnold Asin Directed, shot & edited by: Gatehi Nderitu Mwaniki

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