Movie title Free Movie


Enjoy this political thriller that depicts the struggle that faces Kenya in it's determination to fight challenges of food & water,civilization and the country's economy.The film has been shortlisted among the top 10 in the MachakosFest 2019 Written & Directed by John Jumbi Produced by Joyce Musoke

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7 mins
Movie title Free Movie

'Morning Prayers' - Korwo Nimacejanagio Series

After Admiring each others wives Two Men Mr Njogu and Mr Kohelethu a Mukurino decide to Exchange their wives for a period of one month to solve their conflicts.They sign an agreement with crazy terms and conditions together with their wives.Will the Conflict end after exchanging Wives? Director:Josphine Wainana Produced by Samsphine Films Production

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3 mins
Movie title Free Movie

'Facebook Love' - Onagi Republik Series

A hilarious comedy drama revolving around recurring social and behavioral issues in the lifestyle world of the Luo community.Leaving one entertained, informed & ignite public conversation. Directed by Steve Ochogo Produced by Galaxy Arts Entertainment

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3 mins

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