Movie title Free Movie
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A Kenyan political thriller that revolves round corruption, murder, love and betrayal. two rival politicians are fighting for the top seat. one is a dirty [politician (Tobias) and the other is a clean politician (Teiye) and is in danger for trying to change the system of the government. will he end up dead or will he succeed? all they mysteries will unfold in this 13 episode thriller. Directed by Jesse Kyalo.

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21 mins
Movie title Free Movie
TV Series

Luo Drama series - OTOYO MANG'ANG'A

Meet Otoyo Mang'ang'a a wity chief who applies the old rules of an imperial chief to govern the people of Basanga against the local Councillor Kizito in one of the Best Luo drama series. Produced by Reel Pix Media

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10 mins
Movie title Free Movie
TV Series


Ayoung lady is tormented by her intellect and decisions of trusting and devoting herself to the people in her life. we see get ripped apart emotionally as things go terribly wrong and she falls into deep depression.

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17 mins

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